Procurement Methods

A Purchase Order (PO) and Procurement Card (P-Card) are both listed as approved buying methods for transactions $3,500 or less. P-Card transaction activity is monitored to ensure that cardholders are not splitting transactions to get at or below the $3,500 purchasing card transaction limit. When the total purchase transaction cost is greater than $3,500, a PO is recommended for the purchase unless the transaction is specifically noted as allowed on the P-Card webpage, or one that can be found under the listing of goods and services that are exempt from competition.

Payment Request Forms are submitted to MFA Payables. iBuy+ transactions are submitted through one of the iBuy+ systems. Purchases through Travel Services utilize either the iBuy+ Travel system or the MFA's travel partner, Travel Leaders.

Leasing Versus Buying

Should a department lease or buy equipment?

If a department is acquiring something, but does not want to purchase it outright, the department may consider leasing. Generally speaking, it is usually not in the MFA's best interest to lease except in those cases where we are purchasing highly specialized equipment that has a high residual value. Because the MFA is not a commercial company, it does not benefit from federal or state tax deductions for leasing equipment. This, in effect, raises the cost to the MFA for leasing.  However, if your department must lease, please be sure to contact P2P early in the process to determine if alternative financing from one of MFA's banks may be superior to a supplier's lease terms.

Remember: It is never a valid reason to lease simply because a department does not possess sufficient funds for a purchase in its current funds budget. If a department has the need to obtain equipment and would lease due to shortages of current funds budget, P2P will work with you and and your PGA to determine how to best finance the purchase.

International Transactions

Conducting business transactions in foreign countries or with foreign entities creates unique challenges for ensuring our suppliers are paid properly. Different forms, payment methods and payment terms may be required to remain compliant with all local, national and international laws.

To ensure efficient and effective international transactions, please contact the Procure-to-Pay staff in advance of your transaction. This will help avoid misunderstandings between the MFA and the service or goods provider.

For all international transactions, the Supplier (Payee) must be registered and active in our Supplier Maintenance database. For international individuals and entities, this requires a W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E  rather than a W-9. MFA Payables' International Transactions process outlines additional steps to ensure timely and accurate payments.

If payment by P-Card is possible, please consider this option. Payment in local currency (foreign currency) is preferred due to the preferable rates offered by the banks issuing our P-Cards. For more information or questions about international P-Card transactions, please call the P-Card office at 571-553-4267.

Uniform Guidance

See complete details regarding Uniform Guidance for Federally Funded Research.