Discount Available to MFA Employees

Good News! Did you know that as a MFA employee you are eligible for mobile discounts of up to 18% for service and 25% for accessories? For more information on this great benefit, log into myGW, and sign in with your GW UserID and password. Once you have logged in, then go to Tools & Resources tab and search on any of our three carriers: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Select the appropriate link and follow the carrier's instructions.

Already have a mobile plan with one of our three providers? Well, it is never too late to say "I'm from GW MFA" to get the contract discount on your plan. Contact your provider (if it is one of our three) and ask for our discount if it's not already applied to your plan. It is that simple.

Help spread the news. Tell your MFA co-workers about this great deal!