International Transactions

Conducting business transactions in foreign countries or with foreign entities creates unique challenges for the payment process. Different forms, payment methods and payment terms may be required to remain compliant with all local, national and international laws. Learn how to stay compliant by familiarizing yourself with all the international payment procedures.

To ensure efficient and effective international transactions, please contact Procure-to-Pay in advance of your transaction. This will help avoid misunderstandings between the MFA and the service or goods provider.

Requirements for international transactions:

  1. The Supplier (Payee) must be registered and active in the Supplier Maintenance database. For international individuals and entities, this requires a W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E rather than a W-9.
  2. An approved Invoice from the Supplier (Payee) must be provided.
  3. ACH/Electronic Funds Transfers are recommended for most international payments unless the country has a reliable mail distribution system for checks. 

For international purchases, purchase orders are not required. However, the buyers in P2P may be able to assist in procuring goods and services. The MFA makes international payments upon receipt of the approved invoice.