Central Cell Phone Program

The Procure-to-Pay department administers and manages the Central Cell Phone Program. Under this program, authorized individuals are able to obtain a MFA owned mobile device for business use through one of three major carriers: AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. Benefits of the program include discounted device pricing  and reduced monthly service costs. In addition to these benefits, the P2P staff can assist you with any inquiries regarding your MFA-owned mobile device obtained under this plan. 

Add or Modify Service

Select the appropriate document from the Enterprise-Wide Agreements forms page.

After completing the selected form, forward it to your PGA for approval. All requests must be reviewed and then submitted by the approver to mobile@mfa.gwu.edu. Note that all charges will be billed to GL 53311. Should a shipment be required, the requested items will be shipped to the address entered.

Fees and Surcharges

All applicable surcharges and fees incurred under the Central Cell Program are the sole responsibility of the requesting department. It is the responsibility of the department to contact P2P and inquire as to whether there are any other current deals or offerings that may be applicable other those currently being advertised on the Central Cell Program website. Accessories may be purchased with initial orders or using the miscellaneous order form at a later time. Also, it is suggested that end users discuss additional features with their approvers prior to accessing these options on their devices (i.e., paid navigation services, paid downloads, etc.) as the department will be responsible for the upfront payment of the associated charges.

International Cell Phone Information

Please note that international calling and data plans are available on MFA mobile devices for travel out of the country. We ask that you contact mobile@mfa.gwu.edu at least two weeks prior to travel. Any fees or surcharges billed to the line due to unapproved use or lack of communication with P2P prior to departure are the sole responsibility of the end using department. Should the line incur additional charges, the department will determine if it will absorb the costs or pass along to the end user for reimbursement. Tethering of a cell phone or attempted use as a hotspot while out of the country is not permitted. Please consult P2P prior to travel for other arrangements if a global MiFi device is needed. The transference of costs is also applicable to domestic charges incurred from the unapproved use of downloads, downloaded apps, extra services, etc.

Financial Responsibility

The financial responsibility of a mobile number may be assumed or released by the MFA at the discretion of your PGA. If you are a new employee and you wish to release your personal mobile number to the MFA for business use or if you are a current of the MFA wishing to take over financial liability of a MFA owned mobile number, please contact mobile@mfa.gwu.edu so that we may help facilitate the process.

For all questions pertaining to the Central Cell Phone Program, please contact us at mobile@mfa.gwu.edu.

All inquiries and requests will be addressed within one business day.