Procure-to-Pay at the GW Medical Faculty Associates

Gatekeeper Contract System

The University and the MFA contract management system called “Gatekeeper” improves the management of all third-party contracts related to the purchase of goods and services. 


P2P is responsible for the MFAs procurement of goods and services as well as payment invoices and employee reimbursements. This is accomplished by offering multiple methods of purchasing items via the iBuy+ system, electronic requisition, or use of a P-Card. P2P also is responsible for supplier registration, travel, and expense reimbursements through Concur. Our goal is to serve the MFA community by facilitating the timely acquisition of goods and services meeting the needs of MFA at a competitive price, ensuring that all policies and procedures are followed.


The procurement process at the MFA varies based on the source of the funds used to pay for the purchase. MFA operating funds are far less restrictive with regard to the necessary procurement actions than that of Federal dollars expended through grants and contracts. For more information on what is required for your purchase, please see the Procurement Guidelines Matrix for more information.


The MFA P-Card is a “corporate liability” card, meaning that the MFA pays the monthly bill. A P-Card is issued to a specific individual. The card is used by authorized MFA employees to purchase small-dollar items ($3,500) for MFA use, as well as for business travel expenses.

Purchase Orders

The above title will take you to the website that provides an overview of the necessary steps required to create a purchase order (PO). A PO is written authorization from the MFA requesting a supplier to provide goods or services.


Travel Services

P2P Travel Services is the “go to” place for accessing specially discounted hotel rates as well as all travel related purchases for both business and leisure travel. Here you will find the necessary information regarding all components of the MFA’s travel program available through the Travel Services office and the travel partner, Travel Leaders, at 855-771-9109.

Travel Services Information     iBuy+ Concur Portal


Expense Reporting

As of July 1, 2021, the MFA utilizes the iBuy+ Expense Reporting system to submit expenses for out-of-pocket reimbursements, submit P-Card transaction allocations, or request travel cash advances. All MFA employees have access to this system utilizing their email address. The Expense Reporting solution, powered by SAP Concur, is fully integrated in the suite of services available at iBuy+. First time access to the Concur system will require users to complete their Concur profile.   SAP Concur is the software system used by the MFA for booking travel, reporting expenses, submitting invoices, and placing special requests for a variety of items such as gift cards, stop payments as well as research animals.

Expense Reporting Information     iBuy+ Concur Portal


Doing Business with the MFA

The MFA recognizes individuals, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, government agencies, and exempt organizations. If you are interested in being considered for opportunities as a supplier to the MFA, we encourage you to read about our Supplier Registration process, Code of Conduct, and Current Business Opportunities. You will then have the opportunity to register your company using our secure iSupply database by following the procedures in the upcoming tabs for either a New Supplier or Existing Supplier. Information collected by the MFA details your business classification along with the types of goods and services your organization offers.  Your registration helps us identify potential suppliers who may be invited to participate in the MFA's sourcing/bid selection process. The Information you provide is frequently accessed by the Buyers in P2P to identify qualified suppliers as new needs and requirements arise.

New Suppliers     Existing Suppliers     Business Opportunities



P2P Payables

iBuy+ Invoice

Use the cloud-based Concur iBuy+ Invoice system to manage your commercial invoices - both with a Purchase Order (PO) or non-PO related - as well as other payment requests such as honoraria, awards, prizes, and non-employee expense reimbursements.  Once a payment request has been submitted within Concur, you will be able to check the payment's status from submission to approval to payment.

Payables Overview

The Payables Overview link above provides information about interfacing with, and submitting invoices to, MFA Payables for payment processing.

FORTE Payment Solution

The Forte Participant Payments solution is the MFA's preferred payment option for research study participants. The solution streamlines the payment of human subject research participants and reduces the administrative burden associated with these transactions.



Forms, Guidelines, & Tax Documents

The link above will take you to the documents that provide guidance for specific transactions and activities that you may undertake on behalf of the MFA. View P2P specific forms as well as the MFA's policies and procedures tied to procurement, payables as well as travel.

Procurement Manual

The MFA procurement manual is designed for MFA staff and practitioners involved in requesting, ordering, receiving, and/or paying for goods or services needed by the various departments. It is a guide to the tasks and responsibilities of individuals who play a role helping maintain the MFA's reputation for fairness and integrity in procurement practices.