Invoice Processing in iBuy+ Invoice

iBuy+ Invoice, is the online invoice processing solution, in use by the GW enterprise. Use the cloud-based iBuy+ Invoice to manage your commercial invoices - both with a Purchase Order (PO) or non-PO related - and other payment requests such as honoraria, and non-employee expense reimbursements from submission to approval to payment. Interfaces and file uploads are not impacted by the implementation of iBuy+ Invoice.

Submit invoices in a timely manner to MFA Payables via iBuy+ Invoice. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Capture for your commercial supplier invoices. Capture ‘lifts’ information, such as invoice number, invoice date, and invoice amount, from the invoice and creates an entry form. The form with the invoice attached is sent to the PO requester or the end-user identified on the invoice. The email address for Capture is

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Function What's new with iBuy+ Invoice? Operational Efficiencies & Cost Savings

Users have quick and easy options to submit an invoice:

  1. Capture - uses data extraction technology
  2. Data entry form - similar to current payment request form
Electronic submission
Approval Invoice can be routed to approvers within iBuy+ Invoice and approvers are automatically notified of the invoice.  Approvers can be manually selected to route the invoice. Electronic approvals
Communication Important information / messages about the invoice can be noted in iBuy+ Invoice by the approvers in the workflow. Eliminates multiple communication channels, such as emails and phone calls, about the invoice
Audit Transparency in transactions and quick resolution of mistakes / issues Reduces costs, eliminates redundancies
Reports Schools and departments can run reports on spending. Provides insight into school and department level costs or spending
Supplier Portal iSupply-registered vendors can send invoices directly to MFA Payables via Capture and also track the status of the invoice through supplier portal login. Suppliers are more independent, streamlines the invoice flow