Awards & Honorariums


Awards are payments made to students or non-GW employees in recognition of an accomplishment (reportable for tax purposes) or to assist them in further research opportunities (non-reportable for tax purposes).

To process an Award, submit a request with adequate supporting documentation through iBuy+ Invoice.  The documentation should include the student's name, address, the purpose of the award, an explanation of the award, and the amount.

In the case of a reportable award, the individual tax identification number must be on file with Supplier Maintenance.


An honorarium is a one‐time nominal payment made to an individual (not a corporation, business or partnership), who is not an employee, for a special and non‐recurring activity or event with a short duration for which a fee is not legally or customarily required and which fixed business price has not been set.

If the amount or timing of the payment is negotiated and agreed upon, it is considered a contractual agreement, and should be processed as a payment for personal services, not an honorarium.

Honoraria are typically paid to persons of scholarly or professional standing expertise with the intent of showing good will and appreciation for a voluntarily service to the MFA.

Honorarium Guidance