Current Business Opportunities

All solicitations are transmitted using electronic distribution, via email and through our website. When required by law, the MFA utilizes Onvia to publicly advertise business opportunities to ensure that all vendors have the opportunity to participate in the solicitation process fairly and openly. while encouraging competition within the vendor community. The MFA is always interested in obtaining quality goods and services at the most competitive prices.

Onvia - Current Bids

Federally Funded Acquisitions

The MFA is committed to follow best business practices and to comply with funding source requirements. For all federal contracts over $3,500, three quotes are obtained unless justified under sole source. For any acquisition over $25,000, competitive bids must be secured. The MFA uses an electronic distribution application - Onvia - for major projects solicitations under federal contracts to promote competition and to increase transparency.

We invite all businesses to participate in the MFA's procurement process.

Copies of RFP and/or RFQ can be found at Onvia or by calling 800-711-1712. You may also contact Procurement and Travel Services directly at or at 202-994-2500.